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Welcome to Mishka and Ryders litter update page

These little beauties were born on the 22nd of August and will be ready to go off to their new homes on the 17th of October 2020. 

This is Mish's first litter but she has been an exceptional mum so far. The puppies have all done amazing and getting bigger and bigger by the day. They are set to have their vet check and vaccination and microchips  on the 8th of October and then we will take lots of individual pics of the puppies and ask everyone on our priority list to put forward their preferences by clicking the link here

We will then allocate the puppies based on those preferences combined with trying to best match individual puppies personalities with their potential new homes. We will email everyone that has applied for a puppy individually with the details of the puppy we are able to offer you/your family. 

Please bear in mind when making your preferences that you only need to list the puppies that you would be happy to adopt. If we are not able to offer you one of the puppies you have applied for we will offer you a refund of your deposit or it can be transferred to a future litter. This will generally only occur if you have only listed a limited number of puppies on your application form.

All puppies will be $5000 plus GST to be added to the priority list you will need to pay a $100 deposit here 

Sire: Ryder ~ Minature red Poodle

DNA testing results for Ryder here

Dam: Mishka ~ Gold English cocker spaniel 

DNA testing results for Mishka here

Both parents have been DNA screened and all Mishka and Ryders puppies will be unaffected by all inheritable genetic condition as per the above tests. 


2 days Old 

1 week old 2.09.20

2 weeks old 10.09.20