We have put together a list of great videos which we highly recommend that you watch. They will help you to train the perfect family pet. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure and this is absolutely true when it comes to dog training. Learning what things you should be teaching your puppy, and equally important teaching them what not to do will be crucial in raising a well behaved happy and well socialised puppy. We recommend that you watch as many of these videos as you can prior to your puppy coming home (or as soon as possible after) The first set of videos are from McCann Dog training because I found them to be the easiest to relate to and understand (especially for first time pet owners) but there are many other training videos out there on YouTube and knowledge is power when it comes to puppy training so feel free to do some research of your own and find training videos you can best relate to. I'm not going to lie, the first 2 weeks can be really tough. If possible it would be great to take some time off work to really help settle your puppy in and work them into a good routine, especially with the toilet training. 




(Bringing home an new puppy Episode 1 McCann Dog training) 

*Our additional notes about this video - This is a great first video to watch however we don't necceassrily agree to not having any bedding in the puppy crate (although this is entirely up to you) We have provided you with a puppy blanket in your puppy pack. This will have puppies familiar smells and will help to sooth him/her in the first few days so we recommend popping it into the crate with your puppy. It can easily be washed if there is an accident. What we DO NOT recommend though, is having newspaper or wee pads in the crate because this actually confuses your puppy and encourages them to go to the toilet in there. 


Below is Episode 2 (following on from the video above) 

Your complete first week puppy training plan.

*This is a great video to introduce you to what training you should be implementing and what to expect in that first week. It is based on a 8 week old puppy but will be relevant for slightly older puppies also. 

Your Complete puppy training schedule

Following on from the first week this video explains what to do and expect for puppies aged 8-16 weeks. 

This is also know as the puppies crucial socialising period

5 Common mistakes puppy owners make 

Probably the most common question I get asked is should I crate train? I highly recommend crate training and the video below will help with the correct way of approaching this and deciding if it's right for you and your puppy. 

Below are a few videos from another Trainer who has a slightly different training technique using clickers. I love his video's and have included some my favourites for puppy training. He also has a bunch of other really helpful videos so make sure you go and check his channel out - The canine coach dog training on Youtube

This one is for the the dads/hubbies/partners ;-)

Separation Anxiety

Unfortunately Cavoodles are predisposed to suffering from separation anxiety. It's very important to know the early warning  signs and to how to act and prevent it from becoming an issue.