Upcoming Litters for 2021

Dottie x Ryder/Ruben October 2021

We had planned to do a repeat mating with Ryder and Dottie however Ryder was unavailable at the beginning of Dotties fertility window so she was mated to Ruben initially and then Ryder visited her towards the end of her cycle. To see pics from previous puppies from Dottie please click here 

Dotties puppies will be $5000-$5500 including GST

Note# this pregnancy has not yet been confirmed, Dottie will be having an ultrasound soon. 




If you would like to Join our waiting list for this litter please add you details to the form below. Note this will not guarantee that we will be able to offer you a puppy from this litter as we generally receive more applications than puppies available. For your best chance at a puppy from your litter we recommend that you pay a priority list deposit. If you would like to know where your position on the priority list will be prior to paying your deposit please contact us 

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Standard waiting List Info

If you have chosen to Join our waiting list we will contact you if there are any available puppies once the Priority list has been filled. We will usually do this when the puppies are approx 7 weeks of age as we don't allocate the puppies to Priority list customers until they are 6-7 weeks of age

Priority list info

If you have joined our Priority list and paid a deposit we will contact you when the puppies arrive and provide regular updates on their progress. When the puppies are 6 weeks of age we will ask you for your puppy preferences and allocate the puppies to their new owners. Note Deposit is refundable if you do not wish to proceed with any of the puppies you have been offered, but once a puppy has been chosen and you would like to secure it that deposit then becomes non refundable if you change your mind. 


3rd Generation Cavoodles Expected Late 2021


This will be a first time mating of Lola and Leroy. We would usually mate Lola to Reggie however this particular mating tend to result in about 50% straight coats which we want to avoid. This mating should produce some very pretty colours. Possibly Chocolate tri colour as well as standard tricolour, parti chocolates and parti black and whites. 

Early 2022 Litters



F2b Cavoodles

Expected approx January 2022


More details to come soon including pics from previous litter.