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Minnie and Hugo's beautiful toy Cavoodle puppies

On Wednesday August 5th Minnie delivered 5 beautiful little puppies. 3 males and 2 Females. These puppies will be ready to go September 30th.

Minnie is a 2nd Generation straight haired cavoodle. Genetically she is about 75% Cavalier and 25% poodle. Hugo is a pure toy poodle. This is Minnies first litter of puppies. We expect the puppies to have a mix of fleece and curly coats. 

Both Minnie and Hugo are very small so we expect that these little ones will be in the 3-5kg range full grown. Hugo had been genetically screened and is clear for all testable hereditary condition meaning that all Minnie and Hugo's puppies will be unaffected by all testable conditions that can affect cavoodles 

Puppies @Birth - double click to see more photos

1 week old 13.8.20

2 Weeks old 18.8.20

3 Weeks old 26.8.20