Ellie and Reggies beautiful mini Cavoodles

Welcome to Ellie's puppies update page!!! On Saturday August 15th delivered 11 (yes 11!!)  beautiful little sadly one little puppy went to heaven soon after leaving us with 10

These puppies will be ready to go October 10th.

The father Reggie has been genetically screened and is clear for all testable hereditary conditions meaning that all Ellie and Reggie's puppies will be unaffected by all testable hereditary conditions cavoodles are prone to. 

Ellie is a 2nd generation Cavoodle and Reggie is a First gen making these 2nd gen Cavoodle babies

4 Days Old 19.08.20

1 week old 26.8.20

2 weeks old 2.09.20

3 weeks old 10.09.20

5 weeks old 19.09.20

6 weeks old 26.09.20

Purple Collar Puppy (Ruby Male) $6000 incl GST

Green Collar Puppy (Black Male) short curly coat $5000 incl GST

note: this puppy has a short but curly coat. He also has a slight kink in his tail