Dora and Ryders mini Cavoodle babies

Welcome to Dora's puppies update page!!! On Saturday 29th of JulyDotty delivered 8 beautiful little puppies to sire Ryder. 4 males and 4 Females 

These puppies will be ready to go September 23rd.

The father Ryder has been genetically screened and is clear for all testable hereditary conditions meaning that all Dora and Ryder's puppies will be unaffected by all testable hereditary conditions cavoodles are prone to. 

Dora is a straight coat 2nd generation cavoodle and Ryder is a mini poodle making these F2b puppies. 

2 weeks old 13.8.20

3 weeks old 19.8.20

4 weeks old 26.8.20

5 weeks old 2.9.20

6 weeks old 10.9.20

Red collar Female 

Pink Collar Female 

Yellow Collar Female 

Orange Collar Female (Tiny girl) 

Green Collar Male 

Purple Collar Male 

Grey Collar Male 

Blue Collar Male 

Hi Everyone !! The time has finally come to allocate the puppies. Unfortunately our vet appointment was moved until Thursday however we have added the photo's and will ask everyone to send through their application by 9am Friday (after we add the vet reports)  For those that require freight we will require immediate payment (after we contact you with the puppy we will offer you) so that we can book it all in on Friday. We will be doing a trip up to Sydney on the 3oth so if you would like your puppy delivered that day to Sydney please let us know (Note you will need to meet us on the Southern side of Sydney) 

If collecting you puppy please let us know which day and time suits best. Preferably on the 23rd, 24th, 25th or 26th of September if possible between the hours of 12-4pm. 

Once we have been to the vet we will make a note if there have been any issues discovered with any of the puppies, but hopefully all will be well.  

Below there is a link to the puppy application form. 

Please don't feel obliged to apply for puppies if you don't feel they are right for your self/family. You can just make one or 2 selections if you wish however it may mean that we won't be able to offer you a puppy from this litter and we will need to either refund your deposit or defer you to another upcoming litter (whichever you prefer) 


Red Puppy ~ No Abnormalities Detected

Pink Puppy ~ No Abnormalities Detected

Yellow Puppy ~ No Abnormalities Detected

Orange Puppy ~ No Abnormalities Detected

Grey Puppy ~ No Abnormalities Detected

Blue Puppy ~ No Abnormalities Detected

Purple Puppy ~ No Abnormalities Detected

Green Puppy ~ No Abnormalities Detected