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Our beautiful Dora is a very sweet and gentle little lady. She is classed as a 2nd generation straight coat cavoodle. Dora is usually bred back to a pure poodle to produce gorgeous fleece coated puppies. 
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Dora has tested clear for all testable inheritable diseases affecting Cavoodles. This means that all of Dora's puppies will be unaffected by any of these conditions regardless of the sire used. 
Note: Some information has been with held to prevent scammers stealing our DNA certificates and claiming them as their own.  However the full documents are available to be viewed and verified in person. For the same reasons previously mentioned we do not email copies of our DNA certificates. 

Previous puppies of Dora to Sire Ryder July 2020

Previous puppies of Dora to Sire Ruben March 2018

Dora's Puppy Updates!!!

7 weeks old

Beautiful Ruby and white girl at 7 weeks of age

7 weeks old

Beautiful Ruby and white girl at 7 week old

Ruby and white girl 1 year old

And all grown up

Beautiful Remy @ourboyremy

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Puppy Update!!

Hi Tracey,

Just a quick email to let you know Remy has settled in beautifully with our family. 

He’s now almost four months old. He has had his third vaccination and has just stated going out on walks this week - very exciting for him and us! 

He has completed puppy preschool, where he was happy and confident playing with the other pups, meeting all the other people, and learnt all the basic commands quickly. 

He adores our young son Oscar (6yo) and the feeling is mutual. He loves everyone he meets and is particularly fond of children, which is just perfect for us. 

He is also growing so quickly, and is getting bigger and fluffier by the day! 

He’s a very sweet, happy little fellow who has captured all our hearts. 

I will attach a few recent photos of Remy. Such a gorgeous pup. He also has his own Instagram account ( @ourboyremy )! 

Thank you again for our wonderful Remy. 

Best wishes,


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