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Our beautiful Dorothy aka Dottie is a beautiful sweet girl.. She has a typical Cavalier King Charles nature and is very gentle and loving. 
Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 8.39.08 pm.png
Dottie is a carrier of Degenerative myelopathy but is clear for all other testable genetic defects. Dottie will only ever be bred to Males that are clear of DM meaning that her puppies will never be affected but could potentially also be carriers. 

Previous puppies of Dottie to Sire Ryder July 2020

Dotties 2021 litter

No product

Future litter

We are planning to Breed Dottie (Probably) to Ryder again approx August 2022
If you would like to express an interest in Dotties next litter and receive an email when we have an update on this planned mating please leave your details below.
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